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Jul 27 2012

New in series:

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Andy Roid and the Camp Howl crusaders by Felice Arena
Puffin, 2012. ISBN 9780143306054
'Andy is starting to enjoy his new life. But is he the only one who's hiding a secret? And can the government really protect him from a single-minded bounty hunter? Andy's parents think the safest place for him is school camp. They couldn't be more wrong!' Blurb.

Andy Roid and the Heroes of the Night
Puffin, 2012. ISBN 9780143306061.
'Andy and Judd are on a mission, but will Andy's awesome powers be enough? Or will someone Andy cares about lose their life to protect him? It's the toughest night of Andy's life, and he'll have to summon all his courage to outwit a merciless enemy!' Blurb.
Previous titles reviewed are:
Andy Roid and the superhuman secret by Felice Arena
Andy Roid and the field trip terror by Felice Arena Book 2
Comments: Great for relutant readers.

Boy V Beast. Battle of the Mega Mutants: Aquamaxitor
Lemonfizz Media, 2012. ISBN 9781921931178.
'Kai Masters is now a Border Captain and there are more bessts in Beastium. Mega-Mutants. Kai needs help. He must build a team. He must choose a battle partner.' Blurb.
Previously reviewed in this series are:
Boy V Beast by Mac Park
 Battle of the Mutants: Aquaterros by Mac Park
Stormasaurix by Mac Park
Pat Pledger (Editor)

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