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Jul 25 2012

City of lies by Lian Tanner

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The Keepers series. Allen and Unwin, 2012. ISBN 9781742379999.
(Ages 10+) Recommended. Adventure. Fantasy. Six months have come and gone since the country called Jewel was restored to a normal state, with the Guardians defeated and the evil Fugleman overthrown and cast out of the country. Goldie is safely living with her parents, released from the House of Repentance, but still suffering the long term effect of torture and imprisonment. When a request comes from the Museum of Dunt offering her the position of Fifth Keeper, she is thrilled, but with her parents in the state they are in, she cannot accept.
Meanwhile when Goldie and Toadspit are investigating some missing children, Bonnie and Toadspit are captured and taken by ship to Spoke. With Goldie also hidden on the ship, adventures are about to happen all over again. Finding other children to help them in this Dickensian world proves to be difficult, but when they find themselves in the midst of the Festival of Lies in the city, everything is topsy turvey and they find that people cannot be trusted. But back in Jewel, the evil Flugleman is beginning to worm his way back into his sister's good graces, so everyone needs to keep their heads clear for action.
Another fast paced fantasy thriller, City of Lies follows Goldie as she tries to understand what is happening both in Jewel and Spoke. Her dream job, that of being the Fifth Keeper is nearly in her grasp, but her sorrow about her parent's imprisonment stops her accepting it. But in Spoke she can see what is happening back home and struggles to free the group to enable them to get home to stop the Flugleman's machinations.
Fran Knight

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