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Jul 11 2012

EJ 12 Girl Hero: Fashion Fraud by Susannah McFarlane

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Scholastic Australia, 2012. ISBN: 9781921931147.
As another addition to the EJ12:Girl Hero series, this book will again will be popular with the 8+ readers. This series is definitely aimed at girls who are keen on adventure and see themselves as capable of saving the world. Set largely in Paris and with a focus on fashion what girl will be able to resist reading it?
EJ 12, Emma Jacks in real life, is concerned about what to wear to a dance party on the week end when she is summoned, by the secret agency she works for SHINE, to investigate the theft of the Mona Lisa. This of course has been somehow organised by the enemy evil agency, SHADOW.
A trip to Paris during fashion week, clues hidden in delicious eclairs and references to major art galleries and specific paintings by Monet and Delaunay add some exotic elements to this spy adventure for EJ12. The villains Madam Ombre, proprietor of the Salon du Chocolat, and Alicia Noir, fashion designer extraordinaire, are the focus of the investigations.
With the aid of some James Bond like gimmicks EJ12 and her friend EK12, not only regain the stolen master pieces, but participate in a fashion show wearing the centre piece dresses and also manage to rescue 3 cute poodle puppies.
The message on the cover 'Reste toujours toi-meme', gives a clue to the authors' message, reiterated in final chapters when EJ12 realizes that she has the confidence to be true to herself and not be intimidated by the opinions of others.
Girls will not only be attracted to the attractive pink cover but will enjoy the challenge of deciphering the messages hidden in the eclairs and the thought of participating in a Paris fashion show whilst learning a little basic French.
Sue Keane

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