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Jul 10 2012

Freak Street : Meet the Supersons by Knife and Packer

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Scholastic, Australia: 2012. ISBN 9781741699180.
Recommended for readers 8+, especially boys, who are interested in illustrated, or graphic style, novels.
As a series Freak Street has appealed to those who are attracted to something different . The vibrant colours of the cover and  illustrations are appealing and, with a mix of illustrated novel and cartoon picture boxes throughout, this story continues to introduce the families who live on Freak Street.
The Supersons join the Zoombiesons, Wizardsons, Aliensons, Vampiresons and Humansons as residents of this unique street and are introduced in this adventure. Each of the family of five has a super power ranging from 'Tasty Transformer Power' for Mrs Superson to 'Bite Power' for baby Samson. Even the family pet, Captain Hamster, is able to hover if not fly.
Grandpa Superson calls in the family for a refresher course to hone their skills at Superhero School. Seth, the son, is only interested in drawing comics and meeting his hero, Zane Gotham, comic creating genius, who is due to appear at the City Comic Convention. With the aid of Grandpa Superson and Seth's cartoon villain Principal Clownman, the Supersons save the day from Zane and his real life villain.
Ending with a set of morals of the story, albeit of a dubious and humorous quality, this book will definitely be a favourite with Freak Street fans and students who have an interest in creating their own cartoons featuring their school Principal, or have visions of world domination by bringing their cartoon creations to life.
Sue Keane

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