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Jul 09 2012

The Mapmaker's Apprentice by Peter Cooper

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Scholastic, 2012.
(Age: 10+) Recommended.This is the second book in the Tales of the Blue Jade series. Dillen, Koto and Tajni are free of their cruel masters and ready for their next adventure. Dillen is drawn to a respected mapmaker's appeal for an apprentice and hopes to be chosen. But many others want the job, and the test for them all is to undertake a journey to a mountain pass haunted by a fearsome creature said to be the size of a barn and to move like a hunting snake. Dillen and his friends soon discover they have an even more perilous mission on their hands, one that could be the end for all of them . . .
Right from the start, this book grabs your attention. Opening with a particularly exciting scene involving the aforementioned monster, it sets the mood for a standard but fun fantasy novel. It continues right where the last book left off, with the three main characters finally free of their cruel masters. They're likeable characters, good for this type of children's fantasy novel, engaging enough to keep children reading. This book isn't really aimed at older readers, as one can tell from the writing style and lack of stronger themes, but it's still very enjoyable. It's a standard fantasy book, e.g. going off on a quest, battling evil monsters and the like, but it manages to still be a lot of fun to read.
Fans of fantasy will enjoy this little treat of a novel. It's aimed at younger readers but older people will enjoy it as well.
I recommend this book.
Rebecca Adams

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