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Jul 31 2008

Crusher is coming by Bob Graham

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Hachette (Lothian Children's Books) ISBN 9780734410702
(Age 3-7) A reissue of the 1987 book and sporting a new cover, Crusher is coming! is a delight to read. Peter clears up his room of soft toys, instructs his mother not to kiss him and refuses to have his baby sister anywhere near because Crusher, the football hero, is coming to his house. Crusher arrives and although Peter tries to entice him with videos and comics and a tree house, Crusher is happy to have a tea party with his little sister and to buy her an icecream.

This is a light hearted story with humourous pictures that tells a simple tale about childhood fears. Peter is afraid that Crusher will be too macho to enjoy his family, but he turns out to be the exact opposite, preferring to play with Claire than do the boy's stuff that Peter has planned.

The illustrations are delightful. Crusher has a bandaid on his head and the family dog is a disaster. Children will enjoy the subtle humour of both the text and the illustrations. I especially enjoyed Peter's mother calling Crusher Basher and Cruncher.
Pat Pledger

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