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Jun 24 2012

My book of jokes ill. by Bronwen Davies

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Scholastic, 2012. ISBN 1 74283 165 7.
(Ages 6+) Jokes. These take me back to the playground, when on yard duty, teachers are a target for the jokes of the younger primary children who had just heard many of the humorous jokes that have been around in various forms for generations.
Why didn't the chicken cross the road?
Because it was chicken.
This one, printed across the back cover reveals the sorts of jokes heard countless times at home and in the classroom, as youngsters cotton on to the idea of a joke.
Where do cows like to go on the weekend?
Off to the moovies, of course.
Printed in large clear font, with the question of the recto, and the answer the next page on the verso, the riddles are enhanced by clear, bold coloured illustrations, adding to the humour in the joke. 23 jokes in the book will add to the fun to be had in the classroom when first talking about the difference between jokes, riddles and funny stories, poems, limericks and quintains. Students could be invited to add to the number given in the book, a class book could be collated, or jokes shared between classes. Whatever way the book is used it will add another level if humour in the classroom, and help kids and indeed the teacher, to smile.
What kind of dog can tell the time?
A watch dog.
And there are 20 more!
Fran Knight

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