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Jun 22 2012

Promote Reading edited by Pat Pledger

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Pledger Consulting, 2012. ISBN 978-1-876678-27-2.
Highly recommended. The National Year of Reading is a great time to reflect about reading in our schools and classrooms. There has been lots of discussion about accountability through testing, NAPLAN scores and lexiles which have their place but 'No matter how many times you weigh the pig, it won't get fatter'. [Anon.]
So how do you get fatter pigs? You won't be able to unless there is a desire or passion for reading. A love for reading goes hand in hand with learning the skills. This publication gives teachers and teacher librarians a list of strategies to promote that love.
There is a wide range of activities from the visual, graffiti walls and shelf talkers to the verbal, such as book talks and book clubs. Modern tools include QR codes and book trailers. 'Pee and reads' and 'Loo reviews' show there are no out of bounds areas for reaching your audience.
Suggestions can be used as a one off or throughout the year and include activities useful to primary and secondary school. New and not so new teachers and teacher-librarians will all find something worthwhile.
This publication contains lots of great advice (nearly 100 pages) given by experienced educators from all around Australia and even overseas and is a must have purchase for every school.
Jane Moore

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