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Jun 20 2012

Making Connections, a Blackline Master Book 4

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Rigby, Harcourt Education. ISBN: 9780731236459.
This workbook contains chapters on such interesting topics as the making of polar fleece, how bionic ears work, how cyclones destroy places, and all of it is well-written. It follows current expectations of sound educational practice, outlining skills to be covered and strategies that will enable the students to learn.  It works through a tiered system of teacher control, shared control and lastly student control, in introduction, practice and application.It references other linked texts, with applications that provide connections to learning.
Making Connections, Teacher's Resource Book 4, (with answers) by Kay Kovalevs and Alison Dewsbury, with a Teacher's CD-ROM included, by Rigby, Harcourt Education. ISBN: 978073127258
This support text explains pathways to tackling each topic, practice blackline masters, and expected answers. It would be most helpful as a guide and a useful resource to the student text.
These are good resources for schools (or indeed for parents if they should wish to work with their children at home), and could be useful additions to student education. They could well be more than support texts if a teacher or school should want to buy them as a series.
Liz Bondar

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