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Jun 18 2012

The Silver Door by Emily Rodda

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Omnibus, 2012. ISBN: 9781862919136
Highly recommended for ages 10+. Having defeated Olt and freed Dorne from the sorcerer's tyranny, Rye, the young boy from Weld, does not stay to celebrate. Instead, he rushes first to Fleet, in the Fell Zone, to allow Faene, his brother Dirk's sweetheart, the chance to visit her parents' grave. Rye, Dirk and Faene are accompanied by Rye's friend Sonia. The four travel, aided by the nine magical powers housed in a small brown bag, given to Rye by the Fellan Edelle, all the while searching for Sholto, Rye's other brother. As the quest continues, the group faces many challenges which they must strive to overcome.
The Silver Door is the second title in this trilogy, thereby allowing the action to being almost immediately. With each new series she writes, Rodda manages to create new worlds and characters that immediately draw her readers in and keep them engaged throughout. The excitement and danger caused by the skimmers keeps one reading eagerly to reach the resolution of the tale. As is typical of novels which recount 'the hero's journey', Rye begins as the reluctant hero but gradually takes charge of his situation and develops the skills and confidence necessary in a leader. Despite his older brother's inclusion in the adventure, Rye continues to be the person to whom the others defer and he proves himself to be equal to his title of leader. Relationships within the group are not always smooth or without issue, thereby making it more believable.
I now eagerly await the journey via the Wooden Door to reach the final installment of Rye's adventures.
Jo Schenkel

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