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Jun 13 2012

Little witch by Juliette MacIver

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Ill. by Cat Chapman. Walker Books, 2012. ISBN 978 1 921720 48 8.
(Ages: 7+) Warmly recommended. Short stories. Three short stories about the Little Witch are included in this attractively produced, small hand sized book. Little Witch is not too keen about her new baby sitter, but mum said that she is OK, and not to listen to stories that others have told her. But her visit brings a whole range of delights for the little girl, and she wants her to come again, despite mum now realising that perhaps her daughter was right.
In the next story we see Little Witch being cross with her mother for serving up the same old cereal for breakfast, Toothflakes. She wants the exotic lemon and slime ice cream like her friend Billy is given to eat and mayhem ensues as she tries to get her way.
The third in this easy to hold book has 'wixed up merds' as its theme, which is sure to have the readers trying their own as they read of Little Witch's exploits in causing problem for her father.
All three stories will be cause for mirth amongst the middle primary readers and the attractive drawings of the little girl and her adventures by Cat Chapman will add to the merriment.
Fran Knight

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