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Jun 08 2012

Promote Reading: activities and strategies to motivate reading edited by Pat Pledger

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Pledger Consulting, 2012. ISBN 978 1 876678 27 2.
Highly recommended. Promote Reading is an invaluable resource for teacher-librarians, librarians and teachers alike, in the National Year of Reading. The variety of strategies outlined and their interactive nature are just two of the highlights within this collection of ideas.
I was particularly taken with the ideas involving digital technology such as QR Codes, Wordle, Pinterest and Glogging and I am looking forward to introducing these to my students. Links are given to print and digital resources while the content throughout is fresh and relevant with reference to the Australian Curriculum and emerging technologies.
The ideas suggested within this resource can be undertaken in either a short time frame such as within a lesson (Wordle, Shelf talkers and the Graffiti wall) or can be incorporated over time into a unit of work (Literature Circle: Year 5 Australian Colonies, Book Clubs and the Book Week passport). They are appealing to even the most reluctant reader and staff are provided with inviting, practical and creative strategies to assist them in promoting reading to students from R to 12.
This resource is very much like an inviting pool on a hot summer's day - you are encouraged to dip into it again and again.
Tara Burton

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