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Jul 24 2008

Traitor! by John Pilkington

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Usborne, 2008. ISBN9780746087114
Ben is prenticed to John Symes, manager of Lord Bonner's players whose usual stage is at Shoreditch, north of London. They have moved to the Rose, south of London, but have fallen out with the company which plays at the Swan, and so have come in for some petty thievery and a small fire. But now, a vagabond has landed on their stage and run their lead actor through. Things are looking grim, and with their new play about to be acted before Elizabeth 1, and costumes missing, Ben has an idea about how to flush out the traitor.

The background of this racy novel teaches the reader much about the sights and sounds of Elizabethan London, as well as reflecting the different ideas about crime and punishment. Ben, a boy actor, is used to dressing up as a female for his roles on stage, and so dressing up to find the culprit is second nature to him. The first in a series called Elizabethan mysteries, this one reflects the times succinctly and is an action packed story designed to thrill the readers.
Fran Knight

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