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May 23 2012

Golden Stranger by Karen Wood

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Allen and Unwin, 2012. ISBN 9781742378589.
(Age: 14+) Horse enthusiast, Shara Wilson, is looking forward to term break from boarding school when she will return home to Coachwood River. She enjoys watching the local rodeo but is angry when she learns that there will be a wild horse race at the event. She is even more upset when she learns that the aptly named Conneman brothers, who are responsible for staging the race, have a history of cruelty and neglect to their animals.
Shara and her friends decide to disrupt the event but their behaviour gets them offside with family. After breaking a promise not to cause any more trouble, Mr Wilson takes the drastic step of taking away Shara's beloved horses Rocko and Goldie, a beautiful colt that has escaped from the Connemans. To make matters worse, Corey, the boy that she has a crush on, has ended up with a severe head injury trying to keep her out of trouble.
Shara can't believe that she is being punished for trying to protect horses from brutal treatment while the perpetrators are able to carry on unscathed. She and her friends are challenged to come up with a more constructive way of protesting, something that will get the community on their side.
Golden Stranger is the fifth book in the Diamond Spirit series which feature Shara and her friends. It is a good dramatic read with a dash of romance and lots of horse talk for the lovers of all things equine.
Tina Cain

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