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May 16 2012

An unexpected arrival by Jess Black

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RSPCA animal tales ; 4. Random House, 2012. ISBN 9781742753324.
(Age: 8+) Cassie Bannerman's mum and dad own a deli that she spends a lot of time hanging around. So when the class teacher tells them they have to spend a day watching their parents at work, Cassie is disappointed. Fortunately her friend Ben comes to the rescue. His dad is a vet and Cassie is invited to join them for the day.
Dr Joe, as Ben's dad is called is on official RSPCA business when Ben and Cassie spend the day with him. The RSPCA want to encourage farming practices that allow animals to lead comfortable and happy lives. Farms that meet these standards can be given the Paw of Approval and have their produce endorsed by the RSPCA.
While Dr Joe assesses Brackenridge farm, Cassie and Ben are able to see a working farm first hand. They are enjoying the experience when an emergency develops. They never expected that Dr Joe would need helpers on his farm visit. Now they must roll up their sleeves if a crisis is going to be averted.
This book is one in the series of RSPCA animal tales. It is an entertaining and educational story that has some interesting fact sheets at the end. It is a short chapter book suitable for junior readers and the subject matter lends itself to classroom discussion.
Tina Cain

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