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May 10 2012

Maisy goes on a sleepover by Lucy Cousins

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Walker, 2012. ISBN 9781406337457.
(Age: 3-5) Another book in the delightful Maisy series, this time Maisy goes and stays overnight with her friend Tallulah. There she meets Tallulah's new friend Ella and they have lots of fun together, playing music, dancing and singing and eating a delicious supper. Finally after going to the bathroom one by one they snuggle down and talk and laugh until they finally go to sleep.
Cousins has written another story that will prepare children for what is often a very eventful occurrence in their lives. Staying away from home can be quite an experience, but Cousins shows how much fun can be had on a sleepover. The way she describes Maisy packing and what happens on the sleepover could also give lots of hints about how to prepare for one or even give one.
A deft hand with giving subtle messages, Cousins' introduction of a new friend for Tallulah and Maisy's acceptance of her without feeling jealous could provide young children with a model for making new friends. Maisy is happy knowing that she is still Tallulah's friend and can see all the advantages that Ella can bring to the trio.
As always, the bright colours, amusing figures outlined in black and clothes with interesting patterns are memorable and will delight children who already love this series.
Pat Pledger

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