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May 08 2012

Andy Roid and the field trip terror by Felice Arena

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Book 2. Puffin Books, 2012.ISBN 9780143306047.
(Ages: 7-10) Andy is 'half boy, half machine'. A bit like a younger version of the Six Million Dollar Man, if you're my generation and can remember the show!
This title is number 2 in the series. I had not read the first book but fortunately a prologue gives the reader all the necessary information. Andy survived a horrific truck accident but in order to save his life, Andy's parents, who happen to be robotic specialists, rebuilt him to include great strength, speed and amazing apps.
Andy has to live undercover now to be protected from the evil Dr Baffi, so book number 2 deals with Andy's first days at his new school. There is the friendly, nerdy kid who is constantly picked on by the school bully Hunter and another mysterious new student, Judd who is super cool and has amazing abilities himself.
Andy cannot display his super powers without exposing his true identity but a school visit to a local bank changes everything and Andy has to make a decision between saving lives and protecting his secret.
An action packed book that will be enjoyed by boys 7 to 10+. The book covers have dynamic artwork that will appeal. There are 5 books available in this series at present (April 2012).
A promotional book trailer is available.
Jane Moore

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