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Apr 19 2012

Too princessy! by Jean Reidy

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Ill. by Genevieve Leloup. Bloomsbury, 2012. ISBN 978 1 4088 2694 2.
(Ages 4-6) Picture book. On a rainy day, there is nothing to do. All of her toys are boring, some are too noisy, some too gooey, some too dumpy, some too crowny. She tries them all from her toy box, finding fault with each of them, until, once the toy box is empty, she finds a use for it which is exciting and fun as she invites others to play with her. Told in rhyming phrases, the story line will encourage the listeners to predict what the next word will be and laugh at the made up words used to create a rhyme.
The illustrations by textile designer, Leloup, have a visual quality which invites the reader to look more closely at what is around the page. The different styles of wallpaper on each page are very funny, paralleling what is happening to our young bored character, as she ploughs through her toy box. Each page will evoke questions and discussion amongst the children listening to the story being read to them, and elicit suggestions about what she could do with her time on this rainy day.
The imaginative use of her toy box at the end will also engender discussion about using things other than the toys presented, as well as using the environment to make fun things to play with.
This partnership has produced two other book for younger readers, Too purply, and Too prickly.
Fran Knight

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