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Apr 05 2012

Ten Scared Fish by Ros Moriarty

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Ill. by Balarinji Studio. Allen and Unwin, 2012. ISBN 978-1-74237-912-8.
(Recommended age: 2 years +) Ten scared fish is an excellent book for children because of the bright colours and large writing which is clear and easy to read.
The author and illustrators have worked well together as the pictures and text are very well matched . The simple text, complimented by the stylized graphics are very descriptive as well, as beautiful. The illustrations combine aboriginal symbols along with vivid colours and traditional patterns.
The animals in the story are turtles, snakes, shark and fish. The personality of the animals shine through despite the use of such simple drawings.
At first reading the book seems to be a simple counting book, as the animals are introduced one by one: the turtles, snakes, fish and finally shark. On closer inspection another layer of the story is revealed, as the environmental setting changes, flowing from the waterhole through the wetlands, to the river and finally to the ocean, where the fish are surprised and become scared.
Why would they be scared?
Reviewed by Year 6/7, Dunstan 2, Parkside Primary School, SA.

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