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Jul 09 2008

Love-Struck by Rachael Wing

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Scholastic, 2008.
The press release describes Love-struck as 'Teenage fiction, written by a genuine teenager.' It certainly shows. This is the tedious story of Holly and Wes who are best friends (but not like that you understand) and who each embark on a shaky romance with other people before staring into each other's eyes and realising their destiny as a couple. The story is loosely based on A Midsummer Night's Dream which I'm sure would have the Bard spinning.

The passing nod to Shakespeare is quite irrelevant, but as a publishing ploy will probably be flogged to death. Rachael Wing's previous novel, Star-Crossed, is her own version of Romeo and Juliet.

Love-Struck's plot may be dire but the saving grace is a good ear for dialogue. Holly, the feisty heroine is good at drawing, has a passion for ice cream and comes to life through some Raymond Chandler-esque one liners. Holly's nemesis however is American chick, Emily, who Wing seems to have cut out from an old cereal packet. Introduce Emily and Holly to a gorgeous boy with a lip ring and a geeky boy with glasses and you have your own love quadrangle which aloof Margo (Titania) tries to resolve.

I'm sure Love-struck will be enjoyed by some teenage girls who don't demand a great deal and prefer their plots simple and their endings pat and if you do see them with it you can tell yourself, Oh well, at least they're reading.
Claire Larson

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