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Mar 29 2012

Ruffy and me by David Trumbull and Adam Carruthers

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Scholastic, 2012. ISBN 978 1 86291 875 7.
Picture book, Travel. A world map will be needed in the classroom for this book about the travels of the narrator and his dog, Ruffy, on an emu through Australia, a dragon through China, a train through India, a London bus in England, and a motorbike through America. The antics are non stop fun as the pair of rhyming lines finishes with the count of: 'One two three' on each double page. A counting book with a difference, each double page has three things to find, directed by the thing mentioned in the rhyming couplet.
The exuberant illustrations on each double page will draw the readers' attention as they scurry to locate the plethora of things represented, and locate the three as directed from the rhyme. The last double page will be a point of interest as the readers find the things spoken of in the story and work out whether it was all a dream based on the toys he already had.
Fran Knight

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