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Mar 16 2012

Battle Files: Land by Mac Park

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Boy vs Beast: Border Guard. Pop and Fizz and Scholastic Australia, 2011. ISBN 9781921931093.
(Age: 8+) This book contains a who's who of the beasts that inhabit the stories of Boy vs Beast series and an information guide of all of the beasts, pests and gadgets that appear in the books.
The story starts with how Border Guards battle beasts with the help of the Bordaria Master Command. In every battle, guards learn new things and win points. If they win enough points they can win a badge from the BMC. When they win enough badges they can become a Border Captain like Kai Masters. There is a description of the type of badges that can be won and how many points are needed. The book goes on to explain that these battle files for land and how to attain the rock badge.
There are five Beastium lands, Terradon, Infernix, Sludgia, Isolus and Volcan. Each of these lands have very different landscapes and goes on to describe them. Border guards have to battle pests before they can find and battle the beasts that are attacking the wall between Earth and Beastium. But the pests are tricky and can change like the beasts. There are seven beasts to battle. Each beast has a file number, how to pronounce their name and some facts about where they are found, how many times they evolve or change, background information, what they are capable of doing, tips on how you can defeat this beast, what gadgets you need to help you and illustrations and diagrams to look for.
This is an easy to read book with larger type and lots of illustrations for younger readers who like to know more about the characters in this series of books. An exciting and informative read for 8+ readers and fans of the Boy vs Beast series.
Janet Cassidy

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