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Jun 30 2008

The equen queen by Alyssa Brugman

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Ford St, 2008. ISBN 9761876462598
(Age 10+) Alyssa Brugman has made an exciting start with her first fantasy novel The equen queen, the second in the Quentaris Quest of the lost city series. Tab Vidler is once more faced with saving Quentaris, this time from the threat of a trader world, which initially appears to be friendly, beguiling the inhabitants of Quentaris with gems and the promise of an equen that can heal people. Tab is appalled to discover that her magic seems to be disappearing and that she is having difficulties talking to animals. How is she to help overcome the screeching Loraskians when they come marauding and looking for their gems? And what will happen to the equen queen when she is returned to her home planet?

Tab is an strong, engaging heroine whose exploits keep the reader totally enthralled as she plunges from one adventure to the next. The tale of Melprin the dragon and her egg melds well with the sorrow of the equen queen who has been separated from her herd. Readers who enjoy horse stories will recognise some of the traits of the equens and identify with the determination of Tab to return her to her native world.

This was an enjoyable and satisfying story with original twists and turns and challenging ideas. It could be read as a stand-alone, although as many of the characters were first introduced in The spell of undoing, the reader will have a better understanding of relationships if they read that first. Teacher's notes are available.
Pat Pledger

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