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Mar 08 2012

Diary of a cricket god by Shamini Flint

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Illus. by Sally Heinrich. Allen and Unwin, 2012. ISBN 9781742378268.
No this is not about Shane Warne or Ricky Ponting! This is the Diary of 9 year old Marcus Atkinson, son of a marketing guru and Self Help book author, as he struggles to fulfil his father's hope of him having a 'Future in Sport'. Whilst his father believes 'Talent is in the Mind', Marcus wishes it was in his hand and feet. Still embarrassed by his efforts playing soccer, recorded in Diary of a Soccer Star, Marcus reluctantly joins the cricket team.
Continually spurred on by his father's mottos, Marcus persists at training and finally playing despite his and the coaches better judgement. The rules and language of cricket are introduced in with humour and wit as Marcus struggles to learn to bat and bowl. The line drawings which accompany the text add to the fun and make for a highly readable story as Marcus finally hits the ball and manages to find a way to win.
This will be a very popular book with the budding cricket god who has a chance to understand the game without making embarrassing blunders like Marcus. The popular diary format and comic illustrations will also appeal to reluctant readers as well as those who are fans of the Wimpy Kid and Big Nate books. A must for the Primary Library.
Sue Keane

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