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Mar 07 2012

Goldilocks and just the one bear by Leigh Hodgkinson

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Noisy Crow, 2012. ISBN 978 0 85763 043 8.
(All ages) Recommended. Picture books. Humour. When the bear becomes lost in the confusing city, he takes refuge in a hotel, finding himself in a room which feels very comfortable, unlike the scary city downstairs. He feels hungry and finds several things to try before eating the rather dry toast. Then he needs a sit down and looking around the room finds a number of things that are not quite right until deciding to sit in the bean bag, with rather disastrous results. Needing a comfy bed, he ventures into the bedrooms to find one that is just right, and goes to sleep.
To his amazement he is woken by very loud shouting and finds that a family has returned, looking through the damage the bear has done, emulating the story of Goldilocks and the three bears. A very neat and funny solution offers itself to make the ending simply tickety-boo.
Readers will laugh out loud as they follow the bear's antics in finding himself a safe and quiet place to sleep. Large and small children will find much humour in the background as they read the story, and will search for the differences between the text and what is happening on the pages. Watch out particularly for the signs in the street and the similarities and differences between this story and that of Goldilocks, as well as the language used, stretching the readers' vocabulary. This is a happy ever after story that will thrill its readers, whether read aloud or by themselves, it is well worth delving into again and again.
Fran Knight

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