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Jun 25 2008

Indij Readers for little fellas, for big fellas

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various authors, (series) Indij Readers, Rockdale, NSW, 2008
A series of small guided readers suitable for primary school people, but aimed at low reading ability students particularly Aboriginal students, this series is delightful. Each of the books is well illustrated, has bold large print, and 16 24 pages long. Each has a simple premise, but is told with charm and insight. Each of the stories aims to explore a contemporary Indigenous issue, and so support the idea of Reconciliation.

Our Aunty Sharon (by Chasity Prior, Kelli McIntosh, Philip Murray, Sharon Hughes and Karen Briggs) tells the story of Aunty Sharon who is a volunteer in the classroom, helping the kids read, plays football with them, gets cross with them but is always their Aunty Sharon. There are about 10 sentences, each with a variety of words and sounds, and each page has another question at the bottom of the page, so offering a range of sentence structures.

Firewood and Rabbits (by Ron Jackson and David Leffler) tells the story of Ron Jackson's early life when he lived at Balranald on a mission station. He and his brothers used their father's axe to fashion a raft out of the roof of an old FJ Holden to get across the river to find wood. It is a story about making do, and families and working together.

Dreamtime at the 'G (by Alinta Hayes and Andrew Nelson) will have huge appeal to middle school students, with its history of the AFL and the games played at the MCG in Melbourne. The book shows the development of the game from Gaelic and Marn Grook, to racism in the game and Aboriginal players over the years. It's a winner.

Lake Mungo, our story (by Johnno Mitchell, Leanne Taylor, Naomi Carr, Raeleen Berriman, Ron Jackson, Roslyn Thorpe, Vanessa Dyke and Wendy McDougall) This wonderful little book uses a variety of fonts and design to present information about Lake Mungo. It presents the flora and fauna of the area, and shows the erosion, the fossils and talks about the finding of Mungo Man and Mungo Woman, buried in the area.

Each of the books is most interesting to read and a set of these will add to the guided reading boxes in the classroom. A Teacher's handbook comes with the set, giving ideas about using the series, as well as information about what to look for in each book. ( or visit
Fran Knight

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