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Feb 22 2012

The perfect present by Fiona Robertson

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Penguin, 2011. ISBN 0 670 07476 1.
Picture book. Friendship. The night before Henry's birthday he was unable to sleep. He was so excited about the next day and was looking forward to the present his best friend, Spot would give him. It had been quite a quest for Spot, finding the perfect thing that Henry would like and cherish. Many hours of thought had gone into it, making it the prefect present. But just as he was unwrapping Spot's present his grandparent left theirs for him. The box wriggled so much that Henry pushed aside Spot's present and unwrapped the new present. It was a little pup and Henry was besotted. Spot of course was bereft and turned away, later to leave a note and march off into the night, rejected and alone.
The resolution is lovely as the new pup wakes his master to let him know what has happened to Spot and the two go off in search of him
A charming story of friendship and love, of trust and forgiveness, this will make a story to tell over and over again with small children, reminding them of what makes a true friend, and that three can be a happy combination for friendship.
Fran Knight

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