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Feb 20 2012

The boy who ate himself by Colin Cardwell and Tony Lowe

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Random House Australia, 2011. ISBN 9781742752433.
This book by an author new to the Australian scene is quirky and unusual. Written in verse, it tells the story of Harold Bartholomew Jones "whose regular diet was ice cream cones, And chips, more chips and tomato sauce. Never anything green of course." But when his mother said "Enough is enough, you're going to start eating some healthy stuff," Harold takes himself off to his room and hatches a crazy plan. Or so it seems. What follows is a story that will appeal to younger readers that has an unexpected twist which shows there are worse things than cabbage and broccoli, carrots and beans.
With the need for students to understand the necessity of a healthy diet, this is a fun way for students to explore what might have happened to Harry had he continued on his junk food ways, as well as designing suggestions for healthy meals that Harry's mother could cook to keep him happy and satisfied. Maybe they could even try some of the vegetables mentioned and discover some new tastes and flavours for themselves.
With its rhyming format, the story moves along at a fast pace cleverly illustrated in a style that is reminiscent of onscreen cartoon and game characters, which will appeal to its audience. A new author and a new illustrator, and both to be looked for in the future.
Barbara Braxton

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