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Feb 08 2012

Amazing Grace, an Adventure at Sea by Stephanie Owen Reeder

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National Library of Australia, 2011. ISBN 978-0-642-27743-5.
This exciting tale is based on the true story of Grace Bussell,' a 16 year old Western Australian girl, who together with the family stockman Sam Issacs, rescued survivors from the wreck of the steamship Georgette in December 1876.
At the time, Grace's bravery captured the attention of Australia and overseas and she was compared to another famous Grace , Grace Darling who was a young shipwreck heroine from Scotland.
This tale is not well known and deserves to be heard. Author Stephanie Owen Reeder has managed to use available information and created an 'as if you were there' story of real people and time.
You are introduced to some of the passengers of the Georgette and witness the hardships of their voyage and the real danger of a violent sea.
Interspersed throughout the pages are colour drawings, original photographs, newspaper clippings and eyewitness accounts. I found the epilogue describing the continuing lives of the main characters highly interesting. A glossary of terms is helpful.
This would be a great resource in any school library and is especially suitable for upper primary students.
Jane Moore

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