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Feb 02 2012

Assault by Brian Falkner

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Recon Team Angel. Walker Books, 2011. ISBN 9781921720543.
(Suited for: 13+) Recommended. In the year 2030 humanity is at war with an advanced alien race. The stage for this battle: Earth. For nearly two decades the world has only just managed to hold off the invaders but there is still hope. Recon Team Angel, a global team of multi-national, multi-purpose teenage soldiers has been in training and now the time has come to strike. Sent on a classified behind enemy lines infiltration mission not even they know the purpose of their objective. What they will find will not only shock them but will prove crucial if mankind is to survive the war.
The author immediately attempts to engage the reader with a short introduction and a glossary defining the military slang that is used throughout the story. This achieves its objective well but from there on in, the interest of the reader falls away. Although the bulk of the book is well written there are several chapters or segments which do little to appeal to the reader. This lack in consistency is what prevents this book from becoming a great read, rather than being just a good one. The climax at the ending is one the reader will enjoy but it is left too late.
Older readers will find themselves losing interest and struggling to really appreciate the book while the military jargon and action will entice the younger ones. Overall Assault is a good science fiction book that amidst several slow dull passages has the potential to be an enjoyable read.
I recommend this book.
Michael Adams

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