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Jan 31 2012

Savannah dreams by Lolla Stewart

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Ill. by Elaine Russell. Little Hare Books, 2011. ISBN: 9781921714030
(Age: Junior Primary - Lower Primary) Highly recommended. 'From Sunday to Saturday, Savannah and her family go looking for bush tucker. While Savannah's family find fabulous food, Savannah finds only junk. But Savannah sees the world through different eyes, and her imagination helps her to make the greatest catch of all.'
Along the way to discovering some traditional bush tucker, readers will wonder at the items Savannah collects and imagine, as she does, the great barramundi she sees.
The title conveys images similar to African tales, but this is a true Australian story.  A wonderful insight into a traditional lifestyle and the innocence and wonder of a child's imagination. The illustrations remind me of the fabulous work by Bronwyn Bancroft, they are full of colour and life with a uniquely indigenous feel.
A vibrantly illustrated, charming story of an indigenous family and their search for food.
Zana Thiele

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