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Jan 17 2012

If kisses were colours by Janet Lawler

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Ill. by Alison Jay. (Board Book Edition). Templar Publishing, 2011.
(Ages: 0-5 ) This is a delightful board book filled with charming metaphors for a parent's kisses and enhanced by Alison Jay's unique illustrations. This may be a familiar title as it is a board book edition of the 2003 publication which Janet Lawler describes as a 'mother's love poem'. For those unfamiliar with it the text is rhythmic and lyrical, each page beginning 'If kisses were . . .' and entwined with whimsical imagery such as 'If kisses were acorns, a forest would grow of beautiful oak trees in row after row'.Kisses are also likened to comets, pebbles and sparkling snowflakes of silver and white. If Kisses Were Colours is one of those heart-warming books that is as much for the parent reading the story as for the child although I have no doubt the colours and the magical illustrations along with the poetic prose would hold the attention of any child. The pictures themselves are warming and comforting, much like receiving a big cuddle or snuggling up in bed on a rainy day. This is an absolute gem of a book for sharing with a young child plus one that they would be happy to sit and thumb through themselves for the pleasure of the pictures alone.
Nicole Smith-Forrest

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