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Jan 09 2012

Equinox by Lara Morgan

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Walker, 2011.
The Rosie Black chronicles are thrilling novels that lead on from each other perfectly, the books are set five hundred years into the future where mankind is split into three groups of civilization, the 'Centrals' are usually very popular and wealthy, an upper class civilization. The 'Ferals' are a race that scavenges to survive, living in poverty, dwelling on the fringe of humanity, and lastly, the 'Bankers' these people are in between 'Feral' and 'Central' status, living healthily but still aren't as good of as the 'Centrals'.
The main character of both novels is Rosie Black; in the novel Equinox (novel #2) she is struggling to shut down the evil corporation, 'Helios' the ones responsible for the death of her mother and many more through the creation of 'Mal X' a horrible disease that only gives you a very painful and draining short time to live after you have been infected. In this novel, Rosie and Pip (a very nice Feral) are trying to destroy the evil Helios with the help of Riley, a very smart man who is experienced in Helios technical workings along with Aunt Essie and Dalton (a central). Rosie's father has been captured by the Helios and Rosie and her friends are bent on rescuing him, but it is like a choice decision, save her father or destroy the Helios, or both. It is a very hard decision for Rosie.
This book was very enjoyable, with the action starting almost immediately, but, like the first novel, there is no clear plot but the little sequence of events are thrilling and make up for this. For age recommendation I would say 10 onwards because of the language and some of the terms are heard to understand for less mature readers.
Sarah Filkin (Student)

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