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Jun 10 2008

Mr Pavlov's possum by Vashti Farrer

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Lothian Children's Books, 2007 ISBN 9780734409546
(Ages 6+) The Giggles Series of books has been released by Lothian (Hatchette) for the newly independent readers. This is an area under catered for in the publishing world, so it is good to see a new series. The two I have read are funny with a light touch, appealing and revealing something about living together successfully.

In Mr Pavlov's possum, the main character, beautifully drawn by Vilma Cencic, loves dogs. He has 6 dogs that he has trained to respond to his whistle. They can sit, stand, heel and roll over. Each day they go for a walk. He fills his day organizing them and teaching them tricks. But one by one they die, and so Mr Pavlov is left alone and with nothing to do. But a possum appears at his window, and try as he might he cannot train the animal.

One day the possum uses the whistle, and it is Mr Pavlov who is trained. The lovely illustrations add to the story which could be read aloud with much glee.
Fran Knight

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