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Jun 06 2008

The Dangerous Alphabet by Neil Gaiman

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lllustrated by Gris Grimly. Bloomsbury, 2008.
(Age 10+) A combination of Neil Gaiman's incredible imagination and Gris Grimly's wonderful illustrations makes this book a winner. Two children and their pet gazelle go adventuring in a boat, ('B is for Boat, pushing off in the dark'), and enter the frightening dark world of pirates and monsters.
Each letter of the alphabet pushes the children further into the sewers to face danger and fear ('F is for Fear and its many devices').

This is certainly not an alphabet for the small child but has been written for an older audience that likes to be thrilled by horror and mayhem. Grimley's illustrations are intricate and detailed and the reader will find much to pore over time and time again.

This would be a good book to leave lying in a secondary school reading area and would be sure to catch the eye of the reluctant readers.
Pat Pledger

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