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Dec 01 2011

Under Town by Charles Ogden

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Edgar and Ellen series. Hodder Headline Australia. ISBN: 9780733618918.
(Age 10+) The twins Edgar and Ellen continue on their mischievous ways in the town of Nod's Limbs when they attempt to stop the building of a new hotel. Unfortunately for Edgar and Ellen however there is someone else in town also planning the same thing, but with different motives. Edgar and Ellen discover that someone, or something, in town when they discover the bricks that that they had been collecting to brick-up the school, thereby forcing its closure, have been stolen. Soon they discover that not only have the bricks been stolen but so have their plans to disrupt the town so much that they Mayor will be forced to give in to their demands and halt the construction of the hotel. As a result the twins go on a quest to seek their rival prankster, the Mason, who has steadily become more infamous than themselves. Under Town is a quirky and entertaining read that contains many unexpected twists and unusual characters. The clever illustrations give readers and sense of the slightly dark nature of the twins and the underground places in which they conduct their roguish pranks. This series, of which Under Town is the third book, would be recommended for upper primary readers looking for an entertaining and humorous read.
Adam Fitzgerald

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