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Dec 01 2011

The Bedtime Band by Michelle Worthington

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Ill. by Sandra Temple. Wombat Books. ISBN 978-1-921633-57-7
Suitable for preschool and junior primary children. While you're asleep the bush animals play in their 'bedtime band'. Each creature has a sound to make or an instrument to play, 'They sing, they laugh, they play all night . . . ' Written in rhyming text ('on your marks get setty' is overdoing it a bit ),  with a strong Australian setting, this book will add to the general picture book collection.  
The illustrations of the animals by Sandra Temple are appealing but her human figures seem flat and unconvincing.
Wombat Books is a small publishing company and is happy to print both new and established authors. My internet search on Michelle Worthington indicates she is a new, young writer and this is her first publication.
Jane Moore

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