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Nov 07 2011

A year in the life of Bindi by Jess Black

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Random House, 2011. ISBN 978 1 86471 838 6. 95p
(Age: Primary students) Well recommended. The reader follows a year in the life of this very high profile young Australian who seems to have the world at her feet and yet is portrayed as a very happy, caring teenager, who loves what she does and equally enjoys her family and friends. Colourful, happy family snaps adorn almost every glossy page. We read, month by month about a year in Bindi's busy life, from tracking crocodiles to meeting Oprah and visiting Universal Studios and even catching up on schoolwork! But along with all the glamorous hype, Australian animals are the focus. From the Southern Boobook Owl, the Brown Goshawk and Gould's Long Eared Bat, small creatures are as important as the camels, Carly the goat, a Sumatran Tiger and of course the Saltwater Crocodile where we all have seen family pictures of Dad Steve, Mum brother Robert and Bindi! The photographs are impressive in their variety, exciting to view and show a healthy respect for our animals in their environment. Many are endangered and each animal's characteristics is detailed. It was pleasing to note that rescued animals were also discussed and their ability to return to their native habitat discussed.
Sue Nosworthy

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