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Nov 03 2011

Parrot carrot by Jol and Kate Temple

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Ill. by Jon Foye. Allen and Unwin, 2011. ISBN 978 1 74257 686 8.
Picture book, Pre school. In a lovely soft covered padded book, each double page has a pair of unlikely objects pictured with their names, that rhyme. These are combined to make an unusual thing on the next page. The cover illustration is the last double page with the rhyming two things, a carrot and a parrot, then the page is turned to see a picture of the combination of these two things. The funny illustrations will bring gales of laughter, and the pair of rhyming objects will encourage children to look further. Rhyme is most important for the early reader to connect similarities about words, and increase their word knowledge and understanding. This book will be one of a group of books used in pre school groups to encourage this.
Fran Knight

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