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Nov 01 2011

The Considine Curse by Gareth P. Jones

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Bloomsbury, 2011. ISBN 9781408811511.
(Age 15+) Having previously enjoyed The Thornthwaite Inheritance by the same author I was looking forward to reading this novel, hoping it would have the same mix of humour and gothic themes. The action starts with the return of 14 year old Mariel and her mother to England from Australia for the funeral of Mariel's grandmother. Mariel is introduced to her uncles, their wives, and her very strange cousins. Lily and Amelia seem friendly but Oberon and Elspeth are threatening and sinister. Mariel soon realises that there is something very strange going on and is quickly in real danger and afraid for her life.
Her mother is portrayed as a very ineffective woman and the lack of help she gives to Mariel is quite unbelievable. The tone of the book turns very nasty and the ending is very gruesome and morally questionable. Of real concern is the cover image which would lead potential purchasers and readers to think this would be a book suitable for 9 -12 year olds. This is not a book that I would buy for a school library.
Chris Lloyd

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