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Oct 20 2011

Blood Red Road by Moira Young

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Marion Lloyd Books, 2011. ISBN 978 140 712425 4
Blood red road is a cross between a post-apocalyptic novel and fantasy. Saba and her twin Lugh share a special bond. She is the dark and he is the light. They live in a dying landscape with their father and younger sister. Clearly something has happened as technology has largely disappeared and there are remains of cities and other technology scattered around in some ways reminiscent of the Mad Max movies.
One day strangers appear and Lugh is taken, their father killed and Saba is left with her younger sister Emmi and a determination to rescue Lugh. Emmi and Saba have a strained relationship as Saba feels she is of no use. As they set out on their rescue mission, they meet people both good and bad. Saba suffers imprisonment as a sort of fighter but never loses sight of her goal of rescuing Lugh. She rescues Jack to whom she is attracted but is unsure whether she can trust him.
I liked the way the main characters develop in the story. Saba eventually comes to value Emmi and manages to become the dominant one in her relationship with Lugh. For the fantasy readers there is enough difference to make it different and an enjoyable read for middle school people who will look forward to the sequel.
David Rayner

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