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Oct 19 2011

Princess and Fairy: Fairytale Parade by Anna Pignataro

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Scholastic, 2011. ISBN: 978 1 74169 788 9.
Princess and Fairy, two delightful rabbits, are celebrating Storybook Week with banners, books and dress-ups, when an envelope containing an invitation appears before them. After writing a list of all of the things they will need, they board an enchanted bus which takes them to numerous Fairy Tale settings. They visit Bunny Sea World, Pixie Hood Forest, Wonderland Mead, Bunny Beanstalk, Cinderbell Ball and finally the Fairytale Parade at the Library Tree. When they discover that the Wolf has eaten the book, they try to create the best story possible to share with the crowd.
It would seem that there are five other titles and an activity book in this series. I suspect that each would appeal to the young female readers who love fairies, dressing up and all things 'cute and cuddly'. With the added attraction of finding all of the items mentioned in the rabbits' list, the delightful pastel coloured illustrations, a smattering of glitter and rhyming text, this title would keep the girls engaged for extended periods. Anna Pignataro's style of illustration differs depending on the content of the story and the author with whom she is working but these match her tale perfectly.
Jo Schenkel

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