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May 21 2008

I do it by Andrew Daddo and Jonathan Bentley

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ABC Books, 2007
(Age Junior primary) Applauding the teetering steps to independence, I do it, shows a young unnamed child pushing father aside in her attempts to emulate him and do things for herself. She can brush her teeth, put sauce on her sausages, and get some milk, even though some is spilt, and so on.

A charming repetitive rhythm is introduced which carries on through the book. But halfway through it abruptly stops as dad says no. Instead of the child saying I do it, she is shown how to do things and gives help to her father at something more difficult. The last page shows her not saying I do it, in response to being asked for a kiss, but telling dad, You do it. So the events are neatly resolved and turned around.

This is a slight but sympathetic look at a child's endeavours to do something for herself, despite the consequences. This book will appeal to pre school aged children and is well suited to a child care facility or kindergarten.  Bentley's illustrations will delight the reader as they tell a back story, showing things not in the text, adding a different level of meaning for the reader to look at, ponder and enjoy.
Fran Knight

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