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Oct 12 2011

Conspiracy 365 : revenge by Gabrielle Lord

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Conspiracy 365 Series. Scholastic, 2011. ISBN 978 1 74169 976 0
(Ages, Middle school) Recommended. Adventure.The twelve months of adventure, of life threatening situations and of survival have now drawn to a close, but Boges and Cal, Winter and their friends, still have not been let go. One night Cal disappears. In trying to keep the lid on Cal's mother's sanity, Boges lies to her, hoping to find him before she realises that he has been kidnapped, that the whole sorry mess has begun all over again.
This time, two of the slimes from the series have reappeared. They want the Ormond Collection, and are willing to kill Cal to get it. Cal has been injected with a poison and will die if they do not acquiesce to the killer's demands. So begins another life and death struggle as the two, Boges and Winter, helped by Ryan, try to uncover the clues left in Cal's letter to find out where he is and so deactivate the poison he has been given. A page turner, the episodes are short and snappy, sharp and breathless, as the teens go to any lengths to save their friend.
It may be helpful to have read the preceding 12 books, but not totally necessary. Some of the bad characters have reappeared, and in the main the goodies are the same, and all are quickly drawn to give a lasting impression of their qualities.
Fran Knight

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