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Oct 11 2011

Where's Santa? by Louis Shea

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Scholastic Australia. 2011. ISBN 9781 74169 765 0
(All Ages) Picture book. Humour. Christmas. In the tradition of the highly entertaining Where's Wally books, this will give hours of fun on Christmas Day for the whole family, searching each page for the figure of Santa, and then going to the list at the end of the book to find all the things mentioned there. Or in the classroom or library for those with a little spare time, this is a fun book to peruse for five minutes, but it becomes so engrossing that five could easily expand to fifty minutes. Each double page has a scene filled with little figures, animals and objects, nearly all dressed in the same colours as the Santa figure, and trying to find his little figure in amongst the colour and detail is time consuming, but loads of fun.
A page at the beach, or at Christmas shopping, or in the traffic, the last day at school and even on the roofs at night, are all drawn with the most delicious detail and are infectiously funny as the reader scans the pages looking for Santa. Great fun for the weeks before Christmas.
Fran Knight

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