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Oct 11 2011

Totally Cody Simpson by Alana Wulff

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Random House, Australia, 2011. 96 pages.
I 'totally' knew very little about Cody Simpson before I read this book. After a quick search on the internet I now understand he is a young Queensland singer (born in 1997) who at 12 was discovered on the internet and signed to record in America, where he now lives with his family. As the book states, his amateur YouTube video resulted in signing a major deal with Atlantic Records. This unofficial guide tells you everything you want to know about Cody and other young singing stars of his generation, including a comparison with Justin Bieber.
Presented in a colourful scrapbook style this book is full of photos and small bites of information. This would be a fan's dream read and even gives the reader a chance to day dream about being Cody's biggest fan, a quiz to test how 'in sync' you are with Cody's likes and dislikes, a word search, write your own Cory song and a 'Spot the Difference' between two Corys.
Any young aspiring artists are given advice and there is a strong theme of 'Follow your dreams'.
This book will appeal to its target audience, pre teen and young teen girls, who are fans of Copy Simpson and wish to follow his journey 'from beach babe to SUPERSTAR'.
Jane Moore

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