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Sep 30 2011

Beautiful days: A Bright Young Things Novel by Anna Godbersen

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Penguin, 2011. ISBN 9780141335551.
(Age: 16 +) Recommended with reservation. This is the second in a series by an author already well known for her Luxe series. A historical romance novel, it continues the story of three young women living a glamorous and decadent life in New York in the late 1920's.  Cordelia is becoming involved in the family bootlegging business, Letty is trying to mark her mark as a singer, and Astrid is deciding whether she wants to become a young bride.
There is fascinating detail on the period, particularly on the money to be made by gangsters during prohibition and the fashions and decadent lifestyle of the rich. The characters of the 3 girls are engaging and you care about their fates and worry about their naivete. The middle part of the book does move slowly but as the main characters are drawn into danger the pace picks up. It is well written with rich language and an ending that leads you to ponder their fates as the Depressions looms. Recommended for readers who would have some knowledge of the period already.
Chris Lloyd

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