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Sep 28 2011

Pearson Picture Books

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Pearson Australia, 2011.
The ten titles listed comprise half of this series, each being a slim picture book of sixteen pages, just a tad smaller than A4 size. Their brightly illustrated covers contain simple, cartoon style pictures and bold titles, displaying the unique styles of the different illustrators yet working cohesively as a set. These would be useful as either class readers for students just starting school or in the Library, perhaps as a boxed set, for children who wish to borrow books they can read by themselves. Most 'readers' seem to use a smaller format but these, being larger, seem to be more like ordinary picture books. Many children would experience a greater sense of satisfaction from reading these as they seem to be a bridge between the two types of texts. Any of the themes or story lines could provide a starting point for discussions in a classroom as the messages in each title is positive and the stories amusing.

Robby in the River
Judy Waite, Judy Brown (ill.) ISBN: 978 1 4425 4792 6
When Robby, the dog, falls into the river while trying to retrieve a stick, Lucy needs to be creative and persistent in order to get him out.

Jolly Hungry Jack
Carrie Weston, Nick Schon (ill.) ISBN: 978 1 4425 4784 1
A counting book involving food, this also acts as a cautionary tale about what one should eat and perhaps hints at the old adage regarding one's 'eyes being bigger than one's stomach'.

The Day the Sky Fell Down
Michaela Morgan, Janet Cope (ill.) ISBN: 978 1 4425 4802 2
This rhyming story has a slightly different take on the traditional tale of Henny Penny.

Lion's Lunch
Hiawyn Oram, Woody (il.l) ISBN: 978 1 4425 4796 4
Tiger endeavours to encourage the other animals to aid Lion in getting his lunch! The illustrations of the devious Tiger wearing dark glasses appealed to me.

No Running!
Alison Hawes, Michael Reid (ill.) ISBN: 978 1 4425 4788 9
Rules at the pool are made for a purpose but, in some instances, they are also broken for good reasons.

Try Again, Emma
Jane Langford, Ann Kronheimer (ill.) ISBN: 978 1 4425 4800 8
Persistence, determination and effort are important as Emma works to create an entry in a poster competition.

Jasmine's Duck
Barbara Wood, Barbara Vagnozzi (ill.) ISBN: 978 1 4425 4786 5
Not everything is as it seems when Jasmine tries to share her food equally with the ducks at the park.

Answer the Phone, Fiona!
John Priest, Andy Cooke (ill.) ISBN: 978 1 4425 4790 2
A simple rhyming tale, familiar to many families, Fiona fails to hear or answer the persistent ringing of the phone.

Jane Langford, James Browne (ill.) ISBN: 978 1 4425 4798 8
Alex longs to be part of the soccer team but is too young. Will he let this put him off of practicing or not?

Hullabaloo at the Zoo
Michaela Morgan, Bill Ledger (ill.) ISBN: 978 1 4425 4794 0
A delightful rhyming tale in which the animals at the zoo are observed by the children, this story has a funny ending which will appeal to young readers.
Jo Schenkel

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