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Sep 21 2011

Little sister by Aimee Said

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Walker Books, 2011. ISBN: 9781921529214.
(Age 14+) Highly recommended. There are just thirty-eight days until Al's smart, pretty, popular and perfect-in-every-way sister Larrie finishes Year 12. Thirty-eight days until everyone at Whitlam High will stop seeing Al as Larrie's little sister and start appreciating the real Al Miller. But when rumours about Larrie start spreading, Al discovers that having a sister everybody is talking about is worse than having one everyone loves.
A very real-to-life story explaining how a sibling can react to a big secret. When I was reading this book I truly felt in the story. Al thought she was the one going through the hard time when really her sister was going through a harder one. Al has always been outshone by her sister and expected to do just as well as her if not better. Al hates always being outshone by her sister and can't wait until her sister graduates so that she can be herself. But things are never that easy.
A great book for anyone going through a hard time or just wanting to sit down and read a book over and over again.
Taylor Oxenham (Student)

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