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Sep 12 2011

Lollylegs by Pamela Freeman

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Ill. by Rhian Nest James. Walker Stories. Walker Books, 2011. ISBN 9781921529078.
(Age 6+) Recommended. When Dad brings home a little lamb to be a raffle prize at the school fete, Laura falls in love. She names him Lollylegs, looks after him and wants to keep him forever. How can she bear to give him away? She decides to buy as many raffle tickets as she can in the hope that she will win him when the raffle is drawn. What will happen?
The Walker Stories series is an excellent one for beginning readers and this is a heart-warming addition. Freeman has written a delightful tale that will appeal to children who want a pet. They will easily be able to identify with Laura and her love for Lollylegs and will be appalled at what might happen to the little lamb if Laura doesn't win him in the raffle. The closeness of the family is brought to life with both the text and illustrations.
The book is divided into three chapters and is 64 pages long with enough text for the emerging reader to be able to engage with and feel confident about reading. It would also be a good read aloud and could produce a lot of discussion about pets, responsibility and family life.
Pat Pledger

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